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Here you will find all of your training materials, and webinar videos. This page is only available during your training window, or by request after training for graduates.


Welcome to the beginning of your training experience. Below you will find access to all of your educational material: AIN Workbook (PDF), PowerPoint presentation (PDF), Course Evaluation (PDF), Webinars, and other items. You will need to download these materials in order to follow along with the training, and to take notes for the AIN exam.

It is highly recommended that you print out, or save these materials in a folder on your computer, so that you do not need to keep downloading them for each day of training.
The link for your online meetings is below. You will need a strong and stable wireless connection to avoid disruption of the video/audio, and it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop for your participation, although you can use a tablet or cellphone if necessary..

The link for our online classes is below. Just click this link, and follow the instructions to connect. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: ID is – 9784341356 – If you have any questions along the way with a download problem, or if a link doesn’t work, you can contact me directly.
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Training Webinars

Webinar Five – Assesment to Ongoing Family Support

Webinar Eight – Implementing the AIN in your practice

Download Course Breakdown Here

For those individuals seeking their CIP certification (Certified Intervention Professional) please visit the PCB (Pennsylvania Certification Board) website to learn about the additional requirements you must fulfill in order to complete your CIP certification.

Training Materials for download

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Workbook PDF

Inside of this workbook you will find all of the material that we will be discussing during your training. We will reference many forms and outlines in this book throughout the training. Although the trainer will be sharing screens with you, it will be useful to have this document open or printed for your reference later.

Download PDF

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PowerPoint PDF

Here is a PDF version of our PowerPoint presentation. We suggest printing this document out and using it to take notes and mark areas that you may have questions about. This presentation and the corresponding slides will be shared throughout the training, but you will definitely benefit from having your own copy to mark up.

Download PDF

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Motivational Interviewing PDF

This descriptive worksheet will be your guide to the motivational interviewing discussion during the last few training modules. It is highly recommended that you download this and review it prior to our discussion in order to learn the basics. We will discuss this document thoroughly as a group prior to the mock interventions.

Download PDF

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Course Evaluation

Upon completion of your training we will ask you to fill out this PDF course evaluation form and email it to us using our submission form below. Please note: We take these very seriously and your honest feedback will be reviewed, and may play a vital role in shaping future trainings.

Download PDF

Course Evaluation Submission Form

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