Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Baystate Recovery Services offers PHP or Partial Hospitalization Programs to those recovering from drug or alcohol use disorders. This program gives participants more flexibility than traditional residential treatment programs. It’s also more structured than intensive outpatient treatment, which involves fewer hours and days spent at the facility. By signing up for PHP services, you can transition from a residential rehab program back to everyday life in a more structured way.

What to Expect in a PHP Program

Partial Hospitalization Programs, also known as Day Treatment, offer outpatient services during regular business hours. At Baystate Recovery Center, we operate PHP services Monday to Friday. How long you spend in the program depends on your needs and the progress you make. You should feel confident about successfully transitioning back to everyday life before quitting the program.

Here are some highlights to help you understand what your day will consist of:

  • You begin the day with a check in followed by an activity or class organized by the facilitator. Working within a process group, you will perform the activity or receive information on the day’s topic.
  • We provide lunch for your convenience.
  • Participants meet with a physician’s assistant and psychiatrist each week to assess their psychiatric and medical condition.
  • We perform regular testing for drug and alcohol use to help keep your recovery on track.

What Is Covered in our Partial Hospitalization Program?

PHP addiction treatment can also replace traditional residential care for clients with less severe alcohol or drug addictions. If you have a job or children and cannot attend a residential program, a PHP may work for you.

As part of your time with us, you will attend individual and group counseling sessions. As part of the program, you are under constant supervision to help you maintain your sobriety.

Skills Learned in PHP Treatment

During PHP treatment, you will pursue the following goals:

  • Improve your communication skills for better social interactions
  • Develop a strategy to find a job
  • Learn to balance time between recovery and job searches
  • Receive support through a structured, disciplined clinical program
  • Build a network through peer support groups

Baystate Recovery Services’ PHP treatment helps you improve damaged friendships. Part of the curriculum consists of working a 12-step program and getting involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. We will help you find a sponsor and build on the skills learned during your recovery program.

Components of PHP Treatment

Individual Therapy

In individual sessions you will receive the guidance of a licensed therapist with a master’s level education. You can discuss any aspects of your life that impact your treatment and recovery. Sometimes, individual sessions give you the freedom to express emotions and experiences you are uncomfortable sharing in group therapy.

Group Therapy

You will spend part of each day in group therapy. Guided by a trained therapist, participants share their experiences and learn from the stories of their peers.

Medication Management

Many clients take medication to help them maintain their recovery without relapsing. These medications ease the symptoms of withdrawals and wean your brain and body off alcohol and drug dependence.

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