CFI Refresher Course
Virtual Training Workshops

These 4-hour virtual workshops are only available to graduates of the CFI Training program through BRS. All participants must have completed the CFI three-day training along with the 90-days of supervision to attend.

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$250 per student

For those individuals seeking their CIP certification (Certified Intervention Professional) please visit the PCB (Pennsylvania Certification Board) website to learn about the additional requirements you must fulfill in order to complete your CIP certification.

CIP Application requires applicants to have approx. 150 hrs of education relevant to the domains – including 68 mandatory domain specific CE’s

Consider our additional training options to help you move forward in your pursuit of certification.

Advance Practical Training program

Must have completed the three-day 24hr CFI training program and the additional 90-days of CFI supervision to register

Alternative Intervention Training

Must have completed the three-day 24hr CFI training program and the additional 90-days of CFI supervision to register

Does not require any previous training to register. Can be taken by anyone to learn more about addiction and recovery within family systems

2 Years of Experience

CIP App. – Requires at least 2-yrs of relevant work experience

100 Hours of Supervision

CIP App. – Requires at least 100 hours of supervision

5 Supervised Interventions

CIP App. – Requires at least 5 supervised interventions

Let us help you maintain your focus of becoming a certified interventionist! 

$250.00 Per Person

4-hour virtual CFI refresher course
All materials provided
Certificate of completion
Additional Supervision and Support

Additional Supervision Options

All students will receive the option to add 25 group supervision hours – 5 hours per domain to their workshop experience. Group supervision hours will be offered as part of an optional training package, but are not required

Domain-specific support

This refresher course is designed to keep our students focused and diligent in their efforts to become certified or maintain thier active certification in the CFI model of Intervention. Our graduates are expected to practice and hone their skills on a regular basis with additional trainings, and the pursuit of certification through the PCB as Certified Intervention professionals. All students listed in our professional registry as CFI Students have succesfully completed our training program and remian committed to their ongoing learning process.

Let us help you build your portfolio.