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CFI-Training is open to all individuals or professionals interested in becoming a certified interventionist.

This includes treatment program staff, private practitioners, therapists, clinicians, admission staff, aftercare coordinators.

Become Certified

Get started today and begin the process of becoming a Certified Interventionist by attending our 3-Day intensive CFIT program.

This training is open to both new and seasoned interventionists, seeking certification or re-certification.

Become A Resource

Bring a new set of tools into your practice or program that can help you effectively engage family systems and increase your ability to provide support.

Become a resource that people will seek out for help and support!

Are you ready to find out how you can become a trained CFI?

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Helping Others

Learn about the Intervention process and how it can be used to help those struggling individuals and families who may not be able to help themselves

Excellence in Service

Become certified by Baystate Recovery Services in the CFI model of intervention, and show others your continued commitment to excellence.

Professional Experience

Learn about the CFI model of intervention from an experienced intervention team, and add this option to your existing practice.

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Upcoming CFI Training Program Dates

CFI-Training Registration CLOSED

January 24th - 26th, 2020

Friday - Sunday 8:00am - 5:00pm

$1,200 per person (Limited availability)

(Discounted rates available by request)

Breakfast and lunch provided

Training being held at:

The Hilton Garden Inn - 309 College St, Asheville, NC

This Training Graciously Hosted by


For questions call 800-270-2302


For those individuals seeking their CIP certification (Certified Intervention Professional) please visit the PCB (Pennsylvania Certification Board) website www.pacertboard.org to learn about the additional requirements you must fulfill in order to complete your CIP certification.

Looking for travel accommodations?

Asheville Airport is the closest airport (Approx. 20 min. away)

Charlotte Airport (Approx. 120 min. away)

The Hilton Garden Inn (Asheville, NC) Room Blocks Available

Student Testimonials

"The Baystate Recovery Services CFI Training Program was by far the most beneficial, educational training I have received to further my career in substance abuse.

Mike Wilson’s approach to deliver the CFI model to the class was amazing. His hands-on discourse and plethora of knowledge that he openly shared with the class easily conveyed his passion for the intervention process and the individuals it will assist.

I truly feel this course is one that anyone should take who either works in the substance abuse treatment field or plan on continuing to become solely an interventionist."

-Spencer Meng, MS, CFI

"The CFI training was so much more than I expected. I knew that I would learn a lot in a three day training but to be able to engage with the facilitator and the other participants throughout the training made it more interesting and the information stick.

I found myself showing up wanting to learn more, but also realizing that this is one of the many steps that I need to take if this is the path I choose to take.

I don't think anyone will walk away from the training disappointed or not full of more questions and searching out additional information to make the training apart of their daily practice."


"I attended Mike Wilson's CFI 3-day training in August 2018. I had worked in the field of substance/alcohol abuse for almost 20 months at that time. Mike's course gave me a new perspective on the ways in which families are affected that go well beyond their struggling loved ones. During this class we addressed how to spearhead and effectively facilitate a formal intervention, from preparation, to the intervention itself, to the maintenance afterwards.

What interested me most about this model of intervention was that, while I assumed the "success" of an intervention is getting a loved one to go to treatment, the work to effectively change the family dynamic does not end there. Mike did a wonderful job keeping the entire group engaged, and understanding of the information we were being taught.

I would have happily attended a further few days to continue receiving practical application and feedback from Mike and the group. This is a do-not-miss training if you are truly interested in learning the ins and outs of this model of intervention."


"After 11 years of working in a hospital as an RRT, I decided to make a change & I started working in administration at a local detox/rehab facility. In the position, I speak with the patients concerning their treatment & their financial means.

I attended Mike Wilson’s CFI Training in August 2018. The training taught me a great deal on how to talk to people with substance abuse. I wish that the class was longer. I enjoyed working with Mike & everyone that attended the class. It opened my eyes to what a true interventionist really should be.

If you plan on working in the field or if you are looking to be an interventionist, you should attend this class with Mike. He is an amazing teacher."

-Crissy L. Olson

The Baystate Recovery Services CFI-Training program has been approved by NASW for those individuals seeking Social Worker CE's
(Please check with your state chapter to ensure that national approval is recognized)
"This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886791482-5264) for 24 continuing education contact hours."

This course has been approved by Baystate Recovery Services, LLC, as a NAADAC Approved Education Provider, for educational credits. NAADAC Provider #185919, Baystate Recovery Services, LLC is responsible for all aspects of the programing.

The NAADAC Approved Education Provider emblem signifies that an organization has voluntarily opened its educational programs to examination by NAADAC and the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) for content applicability to state and national certification standards.

NADAAC Approved through 4/1/2021
NADAAC Approved through 4/1/2021