Intervention Services

Requested by family members deeply concerned about the well-being of a drug addict or alcoholic, an intervention attempts to persuade the addict to get professional help immediately. Baystate Recovery’s specialist Michael Wilson communicates with compelling, therapeutic arguments to the addict for seeking treatment.

What to Expect from an Interventionist

As a certified interventionist, Michael Wilson will first evaluate a potential candidate’s situation and then recommend the an intervention plan that will work best to convince your loved one to voluntarily get treatment.

Interventionists prepare families for the intervention by telling them what to expect from an addict who is confronted with the choice of entering a rehab program or being abandoned by family and friends. An interventionist may have several meetings with family members prior to an intervention, where everyone is coached on what they need to do, what to say and how to react to an addict’s manipulative behavior.

Enabling family members often receive additional counseling from the interventionist before the intervention is held. Enablers give addicts money to obtain their drugs or alcohol, drive them places, bail them out when they get arrested and provide them with a place to crash when they need it. In many cases, enablers are the parents or grandparents of an addict who refuse to see the dire nature of a substance abuse situation.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues, our team here at Baystate Recovery is standing by to help. Serving patients in Massachusetts, including Boston, our experts will tailor a recovery plan designed to leave addiction in your rear-view mirror while giving you a roadmap forward to a life of continued sobriety.