Family Contract

Although we typically recommend residential treatment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder, in certain cases we may also offer the family contract. The family contract is specially designed to help you create structure, provide accountability and offer guidance while your struggling loved one tries to get well from your home.

Together we design a contract that is customized specifically for you and your loved ones needs. We will organize an out-patient opportunity for your loved one in addition to our weekly family groups. This will help everyone determine if treatment at an out-patient level is working or not.

How do we determine if it’s working? We have the ability to provide weekly drug screens that are held at our office as well as a take home wireless Breathalyzer to monitor sobriety.

This is our most versatile service, and although its purpose is to help give you and your loved one the opportunity and structure necessary to get well from home, it is not always enough. Attending a residential treatment program can be the hardest decision your loved one may have to make for themselves.

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