Services for families and individuals

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction or behavioral issues, we can help!

Family Interventions

We offer various models of family intervention, including our CFI model and our adolescent intervention.

Sober Living

We provide a 12 step recovery home environment for men interested in continuing their recovery process beyond primary care.

Support Services

We offer a variety of support services for both the family and the individual struggling with addiction issues.

Our goal is to engage and assist the entire family system to be as effective as possible. Without adjusting the system there can be no real change.

- Michael Wilson. Co-Owner, Baystate Recovery Services

Intervention Success Rate

Family Intervention Services for adults and adolescents

A family Intervention can be an extremely effective way to address a seemingly impossible situation with a loved one. We base our success rate on our ability to effectively change the system around a struggling individual, thereby creating the change necessary for them to get the appropriate care. This process is dependent on the family's ability to remain engaged and to be open to change. We offer a variety of intervention options for families in need. If you would like more information about how this could benefit you, click below.