To help you and your family create a strong and definitive path toward lasting recovery.


Michael Wilson

CIP, CFI, CFI-Trainer / Facilitator

Co-Owner / Director of Family Services

John Checchi Co-Owner / Director of Operations

John Checchi

CFI, CFI-Facilitator

Co-Owner / Director of Operations


Brendan Fullerton

Support Staff


What we do

Each of our services revolves around supporting the family of the addict or alcoholic. Baystate Recovery Services (BRS) and its staff have been helping families fight the epidemic of addiction since 2008.

Our team’s success in helping families has grown from being a small local resource to a nationally recognized company.

Our primary goal is to prepare you with tools so that you are more equipped to be involved in a healthier and more productive way.


"If you are reading this because you are looking for someone who truly understands addiction, is dedicated to helping families and has years of experience, then I hope you will call Baystate Recovery Services for a free consultation."

"Mike helped our family understand the real issues and family dynamics surrounding our son's addiction. He helped calm our fears and brought clarity to a situation we did not fully understand. The family meetings are very helpful and we always come away with a sense of hopefulness."


"Barry's House, Baystate Recovery Service's sober house, has a group of amazing staff that all work a solid program of recovery. John works hard to teach the guys how to become productive members of society once again."


"BRS was just what our family needed. No fluff or dancing around. Real help for real issues in a real way. They showed us how to have meaningful and respectful conversations in a way that made everyone feel heard and empowered."


"We've learned so much about communication through family meetings, workshops, and continued guidance offered by Baystate Recovery Services. Sincere thanks to Mike and John. I would highly recommend BRS to anyone struggling to help a loved one."


We Can Help!

If you have questions about our company, our services, or how we can provide help in your situation, please call. Set up your free family consultation today.